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Privacy Policy

Hotel Olga

Privacy Policy

Purpose of the policy

The protection of personal data is very important for the Olga Hotel. This policy informs you about the personal data collection practices of the “Olga Hotel” through its website, including the categories of data it collects, maintains and processes, the purpose of their collection, the categories of persons to whom the information is communicated. your data, as well as your rights. “KAVOURAS GEORGE ATHANASIOS” makes every effort to protect your personal data, provided that the personal information you provide to us is true and accurate. It also lists some of the security measures that the company takes in order to protect the confidentiality of the data and provides some guarantees for what the company does not intend to do.

Commitment of “Hotel Olga”
Our belief in “Hotel Olga” is that the protection of privacy and data of our customers is extremely important. We are committed to providing our customers with personalized services that meet their requirements and in a way that ensures their privacy. The personal information (personal data) is used exclusively by “KAVOURAS GEORGE ATHANASIOS” and its employees in order to respond to your requests and to serve you better, in accordance with this policy. The people who manage personal information are trained in the use of appropriate procedures. The representatives and service providers of “KAVOURAS GEORGE ATHANASIOS” are obliged to keep the personal information confidential and not to use it for any purpose other than those related to the provision of specific services to “KAVOURAS GEORGE ATHANASIOS”.

In addition, in some cases you may be asked by “KAVOURAS GEORGE ATHANASIOS” if we could share information with other reliable third parties. If such information is intended to be shared with specific third parties, you will be informed at the time this information is collected. “KAVOURAS GEORGE ATHANASIOS” determines the types of companies at the relevant collection point of information, describes the types of information to be transmitted (eg your postal address or email) and transmits them to third parties only if give your consent.